Rust Stain Before Cleaning
Starting To Fade

We are rust removal specialists and can safely remove rust stains from your property caused by irrigation, fertilizer and battery acid. We can get up to 100% of these stains out and restore the surface without causing damage.  

Almost Gone

Rust Stain Gone

Irrigation stains occur when the water contains iron. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind iron deposits that stain the surface over time.  

Irrigation Stains

Fertilizer Stain

Fertilizer stains happen when the vegetation has been fertilized and some of the fertilizer lands on the concrete and isn't cleaned up properly. As it rains or if the fertilizer is watered in, it dissolves and leaves rust-like stains.  

Battery Acid Stains

Battery acid stains happen when a battery from a golf cart or another vehicle leaks. This can leave a rust-like stain on the surface.  

Concrete Stains

Stains can sink deep down into the pores of a concrete surface. When concrete is wet, you are able to see deeper into the concrete. This is why you can sometimes see a stain when concrete is wet but as it dries out, the stain disappears.   

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